The life and near death of Sergeant Shaw

They didn’t care for me and hundreds of others

Clinging to life

One early morning I have been stabbed three times while arresting an offender. With my knee joint smashed, I have dragged myself over a steel bullbar onto the bonnet of the offender’s Ford F100 as he was trying to finish me off. I have literally ridden out on the bonnet. As I was hanging on to life, my partner saved me by driving us out of there.

I’m in the top left corner

The agony

Both of my knees were in very bad shape. The right leg had supported the weak left leg for 32 years when we were supposedly given health cover through the Police Force via Risk Cover.

The fight

Read more about my fight with Risk Cover and the action we are going take to bring workers compensation protection for WA Police Officers.

March for Justice

The Blue Family needs you to make a commitment to attend the Police March For Justice, Friday the 3rd August at 11.a.m, commencing at the Parliament House in Perth, Western Australia.

The march will start at the Parliament House and proceed to St. Georges Terrace.



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True Blue Line

True Blue Line


Police and emergency services news from Australia, UK, USA, Canada, NZ and Pasifika. Stuff that matters to First Responders.